Our Towing Adventure

 Family is very important to us. That’s why we work as a family to bring the best, traditional Indian food to our neighborhood here in Wichita, Kansas.

And we also make sure that we are able to take periodic vacations from the restaurant to spend time with our extended family living in other parts of the United States.

We recently traveled to Terre Haute, Indiana to visit relatives and celebrate a wedding. This was a great adventure. Or rather, it was until our car died.

This blog is generally about the food we cook and the happenings in the restaurant, however, this time, we wanted to talk about the towing service that saved the day for us while we were back there in Terre Haute.

Heading home from a wonderful wedding, our family vehicle experienced some mechanical issues. So like anyone else would do, we got on Google, and searched “wrecker services near me”. Not being familiar with the area, we figured that this was the best way to get a reliable towing service.

We were right, and Terre Haute Towing Service quickly arrived to help us out.

Here’s what was amazing about Terre Haute Towing Service:

First, the individual that answered the phone was incredibly pleasant. She was kind and understanding, and was eager to help us get the service we needed.

Second, they were fast. We’ve all heard horror stories from friends and family about waiting for hours and hours, even days to get a tow. When our car died in Indiana we were terrified that we would be stuck there and not be able to get home to our beloved Arunn Indian Restaurant in Wichita.

But the tow truck driver arrived after only a half an hour! We were ecstatic.

Even better, the tow truck driver was also incredibly professional, courteous and was able to suggest a good place to have the repairs made.

The last and best thing about Terre Haute Towing Service was that they were reasonably priced. As small business owners, we don’t want to spend a ton of money on unexpected expenses, so we appreciated their reasonable price.

These people were simply great. If you are ever in Terre Haute, Indiana, and you need a tow truck, you now know who to call!

Terre Haute Towing Service saved the day for the Arunn family. So we want to thank them, and if you are ever in Terre Haute, Indiana and need a reliable towing service, give them your business.